How does the process work?

Pick which card you want, including the value, then click on the amount of cards you want to order. You will be taken to a new page to complete your order.

Will you use an escrow service?

Yes, please contact us for special instructions.

I've read negative reviews about your service. Are you a scam?

Our competition will do anything and that includes leaving negative reviews to increase their own rankings. Our service has been trusted by thousands of happy customers.

Can I order both card types at the same time?


Do I need to supply my shipping information?

No, we do not supply physical cards. We only need your email address to send you the digital codes.

What form of payment do you accept?

We only accept Bitcoin (BTC). The amount will be shown to you once you initiate the order process.

How do I obtain Bitcoin (BTC)?

You can use or you can use in combination with a trusted Bitcoin mixer like

What do I do if a card doesn't have the correct amount?

Send an email to us including your order number and the card number that isn't correct and we'll issue a replacement.